Mason Youth Football Association

Mason Youth Football Association was started in the Spring of 2008. The purpose of MYF was/is to provide the youth of Mason the opportunity to practice and compete in tackle football. It is the hope of the organization that by working on the fundamentals of the game at a younger age, the players will learn valuable skills to help them in the future both on and off the field.

Mason Youth Football is run by a Board of Directors including a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Director. At this time, volunteers have been appointed to these positions. As the organization grows, there may be a need for election from the Board.

The Goals of Mason Youth Football:

  1. To teach the fundamentals of football to all youth in Mason who want to learn through practices and game situations; as well as providing them with exercise and healthy instruction at an earlier age.

  2. To utilize adult volunteer coaches who lead by being good examples to the youth both on and off the field in order to help improve the life skills of each child.

  3. To compete competitively in a Youth Football League in both the 3rd/4th grade Divisions as well as the 5th/6th grade Divisions.

  4. To give game experience to the youth of Mason so they will be better competitors in football and other sports available through the school once they reach the 7th grade.

Membership in Mason Youth Football is open to anyone who shows an interest in helping the youth of our community. It is not limited by gender, race, or religion. All adult volunteers are subject to a criminal background check to preserve the safety of our young people.

For more information email:

R. Clinton Schulze Stadium
567 Fair Grounds Rd
Mason, TX 76856
Admission: $2 per Adult


James Kelly Schmidt

Cade Nobles

Officials Travel Fees: FGM = $80